Paul Chek Stretching Videos

A clip of Paul Chek presenting a 2-day Scientific Stretching workshop in NSW, Australia. Note: If you are tight in the hips you will find it hard to keep the lumbar curve and pelvis tilted forward. To help maintain the curve in the lumbar spine you can tape your low back as a stretching aid from the level of the bottom rib to the sacrum (while you are standing with good posture). After being taped, perform the stretch and if you feel the tape pull as you lean forward into the stretch, this indicates you are not holding the proper spine position and you need to tip your pelvis forward to reduce tension on the tape. This modification is very important for anyone with a history of back pain because it prevents you from over-stretching the low back during what is intended to be a hip stretch.

Paul demonstrating the Groin Rocking Stretch at a Scientific Stretching 2-day workshop in NSW, Australia. This is a very effective groin stretch and should be performed on a mat, thick carpet, or grass to protect the knees. The groin muscles have a large and powerful connection to both the pelvis and the femur. It is important to stretch the groin well when it is tight, or holding a stable swing axis will be very difficult. A tight groin can easily disrupt pelvic rotation during the swing. The Groin Rocking Stretch should be done at many angles and as many times as needed to loosen the groin. It can also be enhanced by slightly rotating the pelvis to one side or the other once in the stretch position. ref. Paul Chek’s Golf Biomechanic’s Manual, pg 64.

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