180 Program Testimonial – Rheumatoid Arthritis, Energy, Mood, Food Cravings

Feedback from a 180 Nutrition Program Graduate

Inflammation, Thyroid
I experienced several benefits from the program, but the two primary benefits were:

1. I’m 99.9% RA pain free using Ray Peat recommendations.
2. It helped increase my thyroid function by increasing my temperature 2°.

Energy, Mood, and Cravings
My energy level increased tremendously.  I no longer feel fatigue at all even near the beginning of my menstrual cycle.  I only experience normal tiredness.  My appetite decreased.  I do not feel hungry when I sip on the milk shake during the day.  I no longer experience sugar cravings.  I notice I can focus for longer periods of time without burn out.  My emotional balance has tremendously changed.  I experience less fearfulness and worry.  I approach problems in a more rational logical manner.  I do not dwell on issues.  I experience less depression.  I am no longer highly emotional.

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