Coconut Oil Deodorant

by Tracie Hittman.

Coconut oil is not only a healthy oil to use in cooking but it also can be used to make many skin care products.  Often people forget that your skin is your biggest organ and whatever you put on it goes into your body. The ingredients in your skin care products are just as important as the ingredients in your food.

I am always in search of natural deodorants that actually work and do not contain chemical additives.  You have to be especially careful with antiperspirants that contain aluminum. Well, the search is over.  This recipe is easy to make and very inexpensive and it contains one of my favorite oils…coconut!  This recipe lasts about 3 months for two people with regular daily use.


1/4 cup aluminum free baking soda

1/4 cup GMO free cornstarch or arrowroot powder

5 Tbsp of melted coconut oil

2-5 drops of your favorite essential oil (optional)


1. Combine equal portions of baking soda & corn starch.

2. Slowly add coconut oil and mix it in with a spoon until it maintains the thickness and texture that you desire. I like it to be about the same consistency as store bought brands.

3. You can either scoop this into your old dispensers or place in a small container with a lid and apply with your fingers.

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  1. Greg Aspenson says

    Hey Rob,

    Not sure If I mentioned it, but I will be working under Tracie Hittman during the Spring semester next year as an intern.

    I discovery her through one of your blog posts and Linda mentioned that I should work under her.

  2. Team FPS says

    I heard about that, Greg. Good for you. She’s a smart cookie. You’ll learn a lot.