180 Nutrition Program Testimonial: Digestion

Client – 33 year old, male, Virginia

What was your overal experience with the program?

My overall experience with the program has been extremely positive.  My consultant, Rob Turner, was very helpful, professional, and knowledgeable about the program and taught me why the things I have been doing most of my life were backwards and didn’t make sense.

Since I have started the program, I have felt better now than I did during all the years of “eating healthy” and working out till I fall over. I now understand what to eat, why I’m eating certain foods and how to prepare all my meals.  If you want to feel better, get rid of the bloating and gas I highly recommend considering the program.

What changes do you experience on the program?

My energy picked up especially during the early afternoon, a period when my energy levels would usually fall. I wanted to lose weight, have more energy, generally feel better, get rid of bloating/gas and overall be healthy. I have improved my overall energy, got rid of the bloating/gas, and I definitely feel much better.  I’m still working on the weight management.

Would you recommend the program to others?


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