180 Nutrition Program Testimonial: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Client – 35 year old male, Illinois

Benefits of the Program

I had recently (6 months prior to the Program) been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).  My symptoms started out typical I guess, first the fingers of the hand and then the near the toes of the feet (on and off for a while).  After about 4 months, it started to get into my knees, ankles and wrists (still came and went).  Then near the 5 month it became more persistent in my hands and feet and more in my other joints.  During this time I had done enough research on RA to know that some people believed it could be related to intestinal issues (leaky gut).  In my case, I thought this was particularly likely as the symptoms appeared a week after a major stressful event that did cause me some serious stomach pain.

RA was my sole reason for joining the Program.  At this time I feel healthy enough to do anything.  The Program I believe healed my gut and the symptoms I experienced from RA have almost completely gone away.  Today, RA does not impact my ability to enjoy my life in any way.  Sometimes I even forget I have it. RA does not impact my day-to-day decisions anymore or cause me pain. I don’t take any medication for my RA.  Also, an added but never intended benefit of the Program was weight loss.

Easy Weight Management

I weigh 173 lbs now, I used to weight 195 lbs.  The weight loss was an added benefit of the Program.  I didn’t try ever to lose weight.  It just happened as I continued on the Program.  I really like my new weight and the pounds have been off for 6 months and I still don’t try to diet or anything, I just eat the foods the Program recommends in the amount that make me feel not hungry.

How was the coaching?

Rob Turner was awesome.  I tell people you cant do this on your own.  You need a coach.  When I looked for a program to help me I knew I would never succeed without a coach because there is just too much to figure out on you own.  Rob answered every question I ever had, and he knows I had a lot of them!  Also his quick response was great.

At the grocery store I texted Rob about foods I was unsure of to eat, he would send right back either “go for it” or “nope it’s a Red/Yellow”.  Our weekly phone conversations really helped my understanding of the readings and target the work we were doing to my needs; get rid of the RA! Plus, its good to have someone keeping you honest and to be accountable to!

What’s food shopping like for you?

I spend more at the grocery store than I used to as I now buy organic where I can, the coconut oil and gelatin is an added expense, the ‘natural’ foods (no artificial colors or flavors, no preservative, no antibiotics or hormones, etc) can also be a little more expensive than the heavily processed foods.  But to me, its worth every penny and the little extra effort it takes to purchase it (different stores and online).  Also I used to eat out a lot.  Now I make many more meals at home.  So there is savings in the fact I don’t eat out all the time that offsets the additional cost.  When I do eat out, I have now found a number of great places that serve natural foods.

It took a good 4-5 weeks for me to really find all the stuff that I needed to stay aligned with the Green side.  I had to change the way I shopped for food.  It was hard at first.  Now, I know exactly what I’m getting and where from when I shop.  I know the products that are truly Green and the ones that fake it.  I like cooking, always have.  So preparing the meals is no big deal.  I do really like a lot of the recipes that come along with the Program and have created a number very good ones for myself.

Also, my whole family now eats by the Program.  My kids have truly turned around from fast food, candy, and junk food to eating organic, natural foods mostly made at home (of course they are kids so we allow them to slip a little).  My little girl often asks, Daddy is this healthy”.  That’s something she have never asked 6 months ago.  My son challenged the teacher at school when she said PUFA (polyunsaturated fats) are healthy and saturated fat is bad for you.  He knew enough to make her curious and ask us about it.  It makes me feel good to know I’ve made myself and my family healthier.

Would you recommend the program to others?

I recommend the Program to people all the time.  When I meet people that have health issues I tell them about my story and my road back to wellness.  They are usually intrigued and want to know more about what I am doing.

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