180 Nutrition Program Testimonial – Digestion, Sleep, Energy, Libido

Male, 30 years old, Southern California

What was the primary benefit of doing the Program for you?
The knowledge of how the human body really works, and what it takes to truly nourish your body so it can heal.

Did you experience changes in energy, appetite, emotional balance and mental sharpness?
Yes, I experienced an increase in all 4.

Did you have identified problems upon entering the Program, and were they changed?
I had digestion and evacuation issues, and also sleep problems. They all greatly improved on the program, and fairly quickly.

What is your next major plan for improving your health now, after the Program, if you have

The program has become a way of life for me, so I will be continuing to implement what I have learned in the program in the future.

What were your body temperature changes during the Program?
My average waking temp is now between 97.8-98.0 an increase from 97. During the day my temp is now up to 98.6.

What is your normal pulse rate now? Did this change?
Pulse is also up to an average of 75 bpm. Up from around 60 bpm.

Would you recommend the Program to others?
l would highly recommend this program.

Summarize your experience with the program.
Before I began the program I had a lot of health concerns. I wasn’t digesting well, sleeping well, and I had lost my energy and libido as well. All this at the age of only 29! I was seen by many doctors and had lots of tests done, but they could find nothing. So I began surfing the web hoping to find a solution to my problems. I started trying just about everything out there, from a vegetarian diet to even a raw food diet, but nothing seemed to work. ln fact, it seemed to make things worse.

Then I came across the work of Ray Peat. As I read through a lot of his work a lot of things really made sense to me. The problem was that there was also a good portion of his work that I didn’t understand as well. As I kept researching his work and surfing the web some more trying to piece it all together so that I can implement his findings into my daily life I came across the Functional Performance Systems web page. lt was full of information on the findings of Ray Peats work. As I looked through the site, I saw that they offered a program that would help piece it all together for me so I could finally really put his work to the test.

That was when I decided to give FPS a call and give the program a try. That ended up being the best choice I made in my search to better health. That was when I met Rob Turner of FPS. Rob was the best teacher on the work of Ray Peat that I could have hoped for! He was with me every step of the program and really helped me understand how the human body really works and how to really heal your body by fixing your metabolism. Each week Rob went through each step of the program at my pace and really made it very easy to understand.

That was when things really started to change in the right direction for me. I was finally giving my body the fuel it needed to begin to heal. ln just a few weeks I started digesting better, sleeping better and my energy was coming back as well. Rob showed me how I can track my progress through my body temperature and pulses. As my temps and pulses began to rise my problems were getting better. I was finally healing my broken metabolism. I couldn’t believe that it could be done by just eating the way the body was designed to be feed. Even when there were bumps in the road Rob was always there to walk me through the problem and get me through it. I learned so much in this program and would highly recommend it to anyone who was looking to truly better their health!

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