180 Program Testimonial – Salt, Food Cravings, Gelatin

Feedback from a 180 Nutrition Program Graduate

Salt Improves Circulation
Last few years, traveling on the plane was becoming so uncomfortable for me. After 13 hour flights to Japan, my legs get so puffy. It used to be easier to get rid of this problem after the flight when I was younger, I just had to walk around, and within an hour or so it was gone. But as I got older it got worse, and I have to suffer as long as 3 days after the flight.

I had a flight to Japan in March, first time since I started this program. I was so amazed that my legs didn’t get puffy at all?!! I didn’t even need to put my legs up. I read my book and ate light, slept a little. All those were so much easier.

Better Choices, No Cravings
I finally learned the way of controlling my weight down while I eat and feel great. I used to have addiction to the bread, pasta and rice, also cakes of course. When I found out stopping those were the key to controlling the excessive eating, I was not sure that if I could do this program. Well, it was not as hard as I thought it was going to be because eating fruit with meal made me feel satisfied, and I felt so much lighter and felt better after the meals. I didn’t miss those complex carb nearly as much as when I did when I was on Atkin’s diet which I failed every time I tried. This program showed me how to get off my roller coaster ride.

All sounds too good, but it happened. I am happier, lighter, and healthier!! Just to let you know that I haven’t got a cold since I started this program.

Gelatin and Inflammation
I have been jogging everyday over 13 years now. Luckily I haven’t had any major injury, although my joints started to hurt a little when I woke up. But now, I get out of my bed and start moving like when I was young or even better. I think the gelatin helped me a lot.

The gelatin helped my son too. He had partially tore his ACL last September, he was just starting playing for Varsity basketball and he was just peaking, then he hurt his ACL. Rob introduced us to the Gelatin and the bone broth. (Actually this was how I was introduced to this program.) My son Noah took 4 weeks off but he was ready to play for the season. After 6 months passed, yesterday my son’s coach came up to me and told me that he is amazed my son’s recovery.

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