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Female, California, Age 40

The top things I achieved in Functional Performance Systems ‘180 Nutrition Program’ are:

Stress management: Tremendous improvement in mental clarity and physical relaxation and calm on a deep level. My body feels amazing every day; I can literally just sit here and feel physically blissful. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed in my life. I’m able to psychologically handle stress from a much more calm mental space. I’m able to be more productive in every area of my life and therefore have opened myself up to better opportunities and experiences. Through applying 180 nutritional guidelines and principles, I’m experiencing a marked improvement in the quality of my existence!

Digestion: I’ve healed the lining of gut on a deep level without the dependence on supplements, which is incredible for me. I feel like my digestive system is running like a machine, absorbing and utilizing the necessary nutrients and efficiently eliminating. I feel light and energetic.

Sexual health: Although very personal and I debated whether commenting on it, optimal sexual health is a part of our lives as human beings. The hormonal balance I’ve achieved in this program through detoxifying excess estrogen as well as inhibiting an estrogen stress response (among other hormonal factors) has led to increased orgasmic capacity. This is not only rewarding on a personal physical level, emotionally and mentally, but will lend to positive intimate shared experience with a partner.

Body composition: I’ve followed a no fruit/low to no sugar, low fat nutrition philosophy for the last 18 years, worked out with weights and incorporated a lot of cardiovascular exercise ~ all of this a set-up for a ruined metabolism and low thyroid function. I’ve always kept my body fat somewhere between 17-19% which looks fit and healthy, but looks are very deceiving! Over the past six months I’ve been eating tons of fruit, tons of saturated fat, laying completely off of any cardio, minimizing my workouts to one session of sprints or squats every 1-2 weeks, and allowing my body to rest and heal. I started out at 111 lbs, appx.19% body fat, and I am now 120 lbs and appx. 21% body fat, so I gained 9 pounds and only 1-2% body fat. To gain that much lean body mass and that little of body fat by incorporating healing foods and rest is incredible. I am literally getting daily compliments on my figure from strangers. I feel so much more feminine and love the weight distribution. This is all due to the positive hormonal response elicited from the food in this program, and proper rest and recovery.

Mood: I feel SO happy every day due to my balanced hormone levels and well functioning body systems! When I started this program I was extremely stressed and was looking at life with a little bit gray. Now I feel so excited about everything and fully engaged with everything I’m doing, every day. The muck of body systems not functioning optimally covering the passion that I naturally have has been cleared away!

I feel like I can’t say enough about this program and know that after I submit this testimonial to Rob Turner, I will remember all kinds of other things I want to say. So I will just close for now by saying that Rob has been absolutely incredible at deciphering and organizing Ray Peat’s brilliance into a simple, applicable format, which takes brilliance in itself to accomplish.

Rob is a very patient and giving practitioner, and the elements of personalization and attention to detail provide a compassionate and caring framework for anyone who embarks upon a personal healing journey. The benefits I’ve attained through this program were not always easy; it takes a lot of discipline and sometimes, as with any forward advancement, you take two steps forward and one step back. Rob has been supportive and consistent guide through this process, and helped me keep moving forward. I feel he went above and beyond with his availability to answer the millions of questions I had.

All that I’ve learned that I can carry with me through the rest of my life is one of the greatest things I have ever done for myself, without a doubt. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to give themselves one of the best gifts you can ever give yourself ~ The gift of exceptional health on many levels!

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