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Please Read: The hosting company (Dropbox) that hosts the audio interviews on this page has stopped offering public access to links so the audio interviews are now unfortunately broken links. I need to create a workaround or a fix for this issue.

In the meantime, you can access the latest from Dr. Peat at Dan Wich’s toxinless site using this link. Thanks for visiting the FPS blog. I hope you peruse other helpful articles on the site.

This blog stores an ever expanding list of interviews with Ray Peat, PhD. Special thanks to Angela de Souza, Tyler Derosier, Dan Wich, and other commenters for helping me accumulate the material. Will update as more interviews become available. Contact me if any links are fudged up or not working – If you’re going to use this list on your blog, please provide citation.

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Ray Peat Search Engine:

Video/Audio Interviews:

Written Interviews:
Organizing the Panic – An Interview with Dr. Ray Peat
Dr. Raymond Peat — Thyroid Information
Ray Peat – A Renowned Nutritional Counselor’s Thoughts About Thyroid Disease
An Interview With Dr. Raymond Peat
An Interview With Dr. Raymond Peat Part II: Mind & Body
Ray Peat Interviews Revisited
Transcription of NPR Interview: The Thyroid (1996)
Ray Peat on Negation (2014)
On culture, government, and social class (2016)

Quote Compilations:
Multiple Audio Interviews on Youtube

Collection of Ray Peat Quote Blogs by FPS
Email exchanges with Ray Peat – Compilation
Ray Peat’s Brain: Building A Foundation For Better Understanding
Ray Peat’s Brain Part II: An Index Of Terms & Ideas

Ray Peat Email Advice Depository
PeatSearch by Dan Wich

Ray Peat Book Quotes – 180 Degree Health

Audio Interviews:
Various Audio Interview Transcripts

Generative Energy: Talking with Ray Peat (NEW 2016)

Herb Doctors: Endocrine (Glands/Hormones) System, Parkinson’s (NEW 2017)
Herb Doctors: The Precautionary Principle Part II (NEW 2017)
Herb Doctors: The Precautionary Principle Part I (NEW 2017)
Herb Doctors: Food Choice (NEW 2016)
Herb Doctors: Vitamin D (NEW 2016)
Herb Doctors: Rheumatoid Arthritis (NEW 2016)
Herb Doctors: Antioxidant Theory and the Continued War on Cancer (NEW 2016)
Herb Doctors: Cancer Metabolism, Lactic Acid, Carbon Dioxide, Sugar Deprivation Promotes Cancer (NEW 2016)
Herb Doctors: Authoritarianism, Politics, 2016 US Election (NEW 2016)
Herb Doctors: Exploring Alternatives (NEW 2016)
Herb Doctors: Mitochondrial Support, Stress, GABA, Herbs (NEW 2016 – show starts at 9:06)
Herb Doctors: Allergy (Cholesterol, PUFA, Prostaglandins, Energy, Blood Glucose, Stress) (NEW 2016)
Herb Doctors: Iodine, Supplement Reactions, Hormones, and More (NEW 2016)
Herb Doctors: Water Quality, Chlorinated Water, Global Warming, Deforestation (NEW 2016)
Herb Doctors: Nitric Oxide, Nitrates, Nitrites, Flouride, Fertility (2015)
Herb Doctors: Rudolph Steiner Schools, Biodynamic Agriculture, Education (2015)
Herb Doctors: Nitric Oxide Part 2 (2015)
Herb Doctors: Longevity and Brain Food (2015)
Herb Doctors: Urea (2015)
Herb Doctors: Degradation of the Food Supply; Vaccines (2015)
Herb Doctors: Breast Cancer (2015)
Herb Doctors: Digestion and Emotion (2015)
Herb Doctors: You are what you eat (2014)
Herb Doctors: Nitric Oxide (2014)
Herb Doctors: Longevity (2014)
Herb Doctors: Field Biology (2014)
Herb Doctors: Thinking Outside the Box – Cancer Treatment (2014)
Herb Doctors: Vaccines & Immunity 2 (2014)
Herb Doctors: Vaccines & Immunity 1 (2014)
Herb Doctors: Cognition and Memory (2014)
Herb Doctors: Partial Interview (2014)
Herb Doctors: Diabetes, Neuropathy (2014)
Herb Doctors: Various Topics, Q&A (2014)
Herb Doctors: Aging and Energy (2013)
Herb Doctors: Hashimotos Thyroiditis, Temperature, Pulse Rate (2013)
Herb Doctors: Autonomic Nervous System (2013)
Herb Doctors: Environmental Enrichment & The Brain (2013)
Herb Doctors: Heart, Hormones, Cancer, and Eyes (2013)
Herb Doctors: The Heart and Dietary Fats (2013)
Herb Doctors: The Heart and Hormones (2013)
Herb Doctors: The Heart, Palpitations, Progesterone, Estrogen (2013)
Herb Doctors: Weight Loss (2013)
Herb Doctors: Carbon Monoxide (2013)
Herb Doctors: Learning, Dementia, Alzheimers (2012)
Herb Doctors: Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation (2012)
Herb Doctors: Antioxidants (2012)
Herb Doctors: Inorganic Phosphates, Calcium:Phosphorus Ratio, & Aging (2012)
Herb Doctors: Blood Pressure Regulation Heart Failure and Muscle Atrophy (2012)
Herb Doctors: Cellular Repair (2012)
Herb Doctors: Genetic Determinism (2012)
Herb Doctors: Alkalinity vs Acidity (2012)
Herb Doctors: Cancer Treatment (2012)
Herb Doctors: Sodium/Salt, Inflammation, Pregnancy Toxemia, Water Retention (2011)
Herb Doctors: Energy Production, Diabetes, and Saturated Fats (2011)
Herb Doctors: Sugar II (2011)
Herb Doctors: Sugar I, Cholesterol, Obesity, Heart Disease (2011)
Herb Doctors: Fukushima I (2011)
Herb Doctors: Fukushima II, Serotonin, & Melatonin (2011)
Herb Doctors: Endotoxin (2010)
Herb Doctors: Hair loss, Osteoporosis
Herb Doctors: Inflammation
Herb Doctors: Milk
Herb Doctors: Radiation (2010)
Herb Doctors: Serotonin, Endotoxins, and Stress
Herb Doctors: Altitude and CO2 (2010)
Herb Doctors: Sugar Part 1 (2010)
Herb Doctors: Sugar Part 2 (2010)
Herb Doctors: Hormones, Metabolism
Herb Doctors: Misconceptions about Serotonin and Melatonin
Herb Doctors: Food Additives (2009)
Herb Doctors: The Ten Most Toxic Things In Our Food (2009)
Herb Doctors: You Are What You Eat (2009)
Herb Doctors: Bowel Endotoxin (2009)
Herb Doctors: Thyroid, Polyunsaturated Fats, and Oils (2009)
Herb Doctors: Cholesterol is an Important Molecule (2008)
Herb Doctors: Thyroid, Metabolism, and Coconut Oil Part 2 (2008)
Herb Doctors: Thyroid, Metabolism, and Coconut Oil Part 1 (2008)
Herb Doctors archive

Politics & Science: Ray Peat on Biochemical Health, Oxidation, Reduction (2015)
Politics & Science: Evolution and Lamarck (2015)
Politics & Science: William Blake and more (2014)
Politics & Science: Call In Show (2013)
Politics & Science: Autoimmune and movement disorders (2012)
Politics & Science: Dogmatism in Science (2008)
Politics & Science: Origins of Life (2000)
Politics & Science: Suppression of Cancer Treatments – Dr. Ivy and Krebiozen (2001)
Politics & Science: Two Hour Fundraiser Part 1 (2012)
Politics & Science: Two Hour Fundraiser Part 2 (2012)
Politics & Science: Progesterone Part 1 (2012)
Politics & Science: Progesterone Part 2 (2012)
Politics & Science: Progesterone Part 3 (2012)
Politics & Science: Food Quality (2012)
Politics & Science: A Self Ordering World
Politics & Science: Fats
Politics & Science: Ionizing Radiation in Context, Parts 1 & 2
Politics & Science: Nuclear Disaster
Politics & Science: Obfuscation of Radiation Science by Industry
Politics & Science: Thyroid and Regeneration
Politics & Science: Machinist Scientist

One Radio Network: Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D – Answering a Plethora of Questions Regarding Health, Diet and Nutrition Part 1 (2014)
One Radio Network: Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D – Answering a Plethora of Questions Regarding Health, Diet and Nutrition Part 2 (2014)

Sharon Kleyne Hour Interview – Water (2013)

KWAI 1080 AM Interview 1 (2012)
KWAI 1080 AM Interview 2 (2012)

NPR Interview: The Thyroid (1996)

World Puja: Foundational Hormones

Hope for Health: Thyroid

Rainmaking Time: Life Supporting Substances
Rainmaking Time: Energy-Protective Materials (2014)

Eluv Interview: Effects of Stress and Trauma Part 1 (2014) [begins at 17:28]
Eluv Interview: Effects of Stress and Trauma Part 2 (2014)
Eluv Interview: Fats

East West – Energy and Metabolism (2013)
East West – Q&A Show 2
East West – Cholesterol and Saturated Fat
East West – Serotonin and Endotoxin
East West – Q&A Show
East West – Milk, Calcium, Hormones
East West – Glycemia, Starch, Sugar
East West – Estrogen, Progesterone
East West – Thyroid
East West – Inflammation
East West – Dangers of PUFA

The following are courtesy of Bud Weiss:
Bud Weiss Sept. 2008
Bud Weiss Audio Biology of Carbon Dioxide Oct. 2010
Bud Weiss Video Biology of Carbon Dioxide Oct. 2010

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    Great resource. However I want to listen to the WBM Sugar I and Sugar II however the links are not working. If they are not available anymore, can you upload them to your server or to Amazon S3 or something so that we can access those? Thanks!

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    Thanks for creating this master list!! It is very helpful and informative! You are doing a great job!

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    Thank you for doing such a great job of bringing out so many keys to connecting the health of the nervous, digestive systems to progesterone and the entire being.

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    Hi Rob-

    Thank you for compiling this invaluable resource. I listen to 1-2 podcasts each day, driving to and from work, and while walking my dog or dojng jobs around the house.
    Much appreciated!


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