Polyunsaturating America: Mazola’s Marketing

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A few factors collide starting in the 1970s to further expedite a departure from traditional animal fats towards polyunsaturated plant oils:

  • US government, under Nixon, subsidizes corn (corn oil/Mazola). Government later subsidizes soy and wheat.
  • Cheaper vegetable and seed (liquid) oils progressively replace animal fats, capitalizing on the ridiculous anti-cholesterol campaign and faulty lipid hypothesis.
  • Nutritional information from the government supports American industry, not health.

Mazola’s marketing campaign in the 1970s put polyunsaturated fats front and center in the American vernacular and placed saturated fats firmly as the bad guy. The marketing encouraged women to “polyunsaturate” their loved ones while avoiding saturates; in retrospect, this is the exact opposite of what is desired.

Over 40 years later, the US is still suffering from the ubiquitous use of vegetable oils. While milk, sugar, fructose, salt, and saturated fat take a beating from American society as nutritional toxins, polyunsaturated fats in their various forms continue to get a free pass. Evidence from Ray Peat, PhD and the FPS blog will hopefully help people come to their senses.









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  1. mona says

    Really astounding. This industry is responsible for so much .
    When we came into this country in the late 80’s, my cousin poly unsaturated an entire generation of newbies. But at least I sufficiently educated myself and moved on to olive oil for the past 10 years or so.
    still for 15 years we also consumed Mazola and other vegetable oils. I know many people of her generation who are still using Mazola , not making any changes.
    Thanks for all the articles you post. Very informative and enjoyable.

  2. Team FPS says

    @mona Thanks for the comment. Glad you resisted the Mazola. It’s good to look back and recognize the past so we have the context of how freely feeding poison to people is and was completely acceptable.